Our Objectives

1. To support biotechnology oriented business entrepreneur.

2. To be the central organization for public-private partnership to develop the fully value chain of biotechnology and life science into the same direction with free of political interference.

3. To share biotechnology and life science knowledge, opinion, and experience among the members.

4. To build the capacity of biotechnology and business in Thailand in order to be able to compete in the region and global markets.

5. To promote, support, and initiate the awareness of the magnitude and role of professional researcher in biotechnology industry.

6. To coordinate with both local and international biotechnology organization.

7. To promote and support the research and development of biotechnology to be consistent with country development in these areas: food, agriculture, industry, medication, energy and environment.

8. To incubate the manufacturer to gain potentiality for becoming the modern bio businessmen and being the connection to transfer government policy to implementation for biotechnology development and investment through the organization activities and create value added for business.

9. To coordinate and support the local and international investors to either solely or jointly invest in setting up organization or company for biotechnology and life sciences in Thailand.

10. To propose the problems, recommendations and policies of science and technology to responsible organizations as a guideline for using of biotechnology for country development.

11. To support or conduct the international biotechnology activities such as international conference, trade show, and bio business partnership project with Thailand as a center for development of accessible network of researchers, academics, investors, and businessmen specialized in commercialized product and service development.